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Muiderslot castle was built in this specific location by the water for a reason. It was a smart location with an eye to trade because it overlooked what used to be the Dutch South Sea (Zuiderzee) and the Vecht river. Every ship that passed through, had to pay tolls at Muiderslot castle. Quite a fortune was amassed this way in those years….


The ‘feet’ of Muiderslot castle are in the water. The moat around the castle made defending the gates easier. When the enemy came, you lifted the drawbridge and nobody could cross the moat.

Water-based defense lines

Muiderslot castle is part of four Dutch water-based defense lines, which were built to defend the nation against its enemies. By flooding piece of land in a controlled manner, the enemy was kept away. The castle is part of the Utrechtse Waterlinie, Oude and Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, and Stelling van Amsterdam. The latter was meant to defend the capital, such a smart solution that it is famous around the world. Stelling van Amsterdam and Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Watershield pavillion for your event

The water shield is a fantastic location for your presentation, reception or pre-dinner drinks. Are you curious about the rental options for the pavilion? Read more here.