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School programs

There are several school programs for pupils from primary schools groups 1 trhough 8. Check out the options here or contact us for more information if you have questions.

Fun school trips

Muiderslot castle is not just a very suitable location for educational programs. The castle and its gardens are also a great location for school trips.


Options primary education

Journey through the age of knights

(Groups 1 through 8) Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages and life at a castle. What did the residents of the castle do all day long? What did they eat? Was it cold here?

Interactive tour

(groups 5 through 8) Meet the most famous residents of Muiderslot castle: the medieval Count Floris V and the 17th-century poet P.C. Hooft and his friends.

Sinterklaas's Castle

Every year in November, Sinterklaas comes to stay at Muiderslot castle. Every child loves to experience this, right?


You can book extras to make a school trip even more fun.

  • Game package: want to let the pupils enjoy a game break on their school trip? You can! We have games we can prepare for you in the Prune Orchard. The game package costs €50 and includes the old Dutch games of hula hoops, stilt walking, plank walking, wheel rolling, trou madame, spinning tops, sack race, ring toss, ‘nailpooping’, labyrinth, and block walking.
  • Archery workshop: Have you always wanted to learn how to use a hand bow like famous medieval heroes? You can with a special workshop for your group. Price starts at €325 for 20 students.
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