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Guided theme tours

You’ll discover everything you didn’t know about the castle. You’ll learn all about the building, residents, special guests, castle life, art objects, and much more. A lot has happened over the past 700 years, so a lot of stories are waiting to be told!

Discover the green treasures of Amsterdam astle Muiderslot. During a guided tour of the gardens, you’ll learn all about 17th-century gardening, forgotten vegetables, edible flowers, fragrant herbs, and sturdy fortifications. You’ll also learn why the castle and its surroundings are very dependent on each other.

Take your family or friends with you and go on an active voyage of discovery in the Muiderslot. Together with the tour guide, you’ll explore and carry out assignments together. The tour is in the medieval castle and in the 17th-century rooms. Educational and fun!

Loving whoever you want— that isn’t and wasn’t always easy. This guided tour will tell you more about love, lust and LGBTQI+ at Muiderslot castle. You’ll also come to know some bedroom secrets from times long past. Things were less prudish than we may often think…

The Muiderslot is over seven hundred years old. Over all those years, the castle has been regularly repaired, rebuilt, redecorated, and expanded—from a heavily guarded military fortress to a luxurious residence, to the museum it is today. During the guided tour, you’ll look for the traces of seven hundred years of construction activities. Are you ready?

Amsterdam castle Muiderslot is inextricably linked to the surrounding water: the moat, the river (Vecht) and the sea (the former Zuiderzee). This tour will let you explore all sorts of things about the relationship between the castle and the water. For example, how was the water used as a defence? The tour also takes you across the old seawall that has protected the castle from wet feet for centuries.

We offer a separate tour for the blind and partially sighted. We’ll take you on a tour and let you hear, feel, taste, and smell the castle and gardens. The thick walls, damp dungeons, worn stairs, the wind on top of the castle walls, the fragrant herbs in the garden, and much more! (available on request).

Good to know

Please make sure to book your chosen tour at least 2 weeks ahead of time.

A guided group tour for a maximum of 15 persons costs €75 per hour (excl. entrance ticket). If there are more than 15 persons, you must book multiple guides. A shorter tour possible; the price remains the same. The guided tour and entrance tickets for your group must be paid with a debit card (PIN or contactless) or credit card. You can pay by transfer beforehand but there will be a €15 administrative fee.

Contact us if you have questions about the catering options.

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