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Wheelchair, rollator walker or mobility scooter users have free access to the castle gardens, ramparts, castle courtyard, and the tournament field. In the gardens, you can download an audio tour to your smartphone or tablet. Please note that the castle is unfortunately not accessible to users of wheelchairs, rollator walkers, mobility scooters, or strollers. There are toilets in the castle garden, also a disabled toilet.


Strollers can be used in the castle gardens, but not in the castle itself. You can store them at the courtyard, where they’ll be dry and out of the way.

Visually impaired

There is a free audio tour for the Knight’s Route and Tower Route for all visitors. The audio tours provide a lot of information about life in the castle. In the castle gardens, you can download an audio tour to your smartphone or tablet. An individual visit to the castle might be difficult due to the narrow winding stairs, dead-end hallways, over 300 steps, and countless spaces with different floor levels. If this could be a problem, we recommend bringing someone who can guide you. Naturally, a guide dog or other official assistance dog are allowed into the castle.

Hearing impaired

All of the indoor spaces feature information boards with brief and clear information. You can also find information boards in the castle gardens.


We make every effort to ensure that our information is as comprehensible as possible for everyone. This is not always easy. Fortunately, we are sometimes assisted by several young people with a mild intellectual disability. They listen to our texts, listen to our audio tours, and offer tips. If you read things that could be done better or differently, Please let us know.