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Extraordinary stories

Many flowers and plants have a special origin or story. Just like paintings, books or prints, they tell their own story. It is fascinating that there are many connections between objects within the castle and the green heritage in the gardens. One example is a stunning tablecloth with embroidered tulips, or wooden tulips sculpted into a centuries-old cabinet? Or perhaps vegetables from the garden depicted in very old paintings?

With different eyes

If you want to know something about an object at a museum, you can ask people who know about (art) history to look at it. We also like to ask chefs or gardeners to tune in, or people from other countries than the Netherlands. They look at things with different eyes. Together, we are able to discover a lot more about life within the castle and its gardens as it was lived in the past. Perhaps you will discover something new when you visit, too!


Everything we know about the plants, herbs, trees, flowers and fruits growing in the castle gardens is recorded in digital form. We do this so generations after us can find the information, too. We register names, photos, dimensions, origin, colors, scents, and flavors, for instance. Of course the special stories associated with the flowers and plants are not forgotten.

Want to know more?

Would you like to learn more about our green heritage? Check this book about Muiderslot’s castle gardens. You can buy it at our museum shop, or order it online or buy it at a bookshop.