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Photography: Oesters en citroenen

2 September 2022 - 14 November 2022


2 September - 13 November 2022
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Discover a special selection of contemporary still lifes by Louise te Poele at Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot. Her work is reminiscent of the seventeenth-century still lifes on display in the castle. There you see familiar symbols such as lemons, oysters, glass churns, cheese, bread and the play of light and dark. If you look longer at Te Poele’s work, you will see surprising compositions. Seemingly everyday objects take on a mysterious appearance. The presentation Oysters and Lemons examines Te Poele’s sources of inspiration. Using the 17th century symbols in the photographs and still lifes from the museum, you will learn more about life at Muiderslot castle.

Audio tour and events

In the special audio tour (Dutch and English) accompanying this exhibition, Louise te Poele herself talks about her work. She also takes you into the culinary history of the Muiderslot, where oysters and lemons were certainly eaten. Regular special events will take place during the course of the presentation, such as a still life workshop with the artist and tastings of oysters and lemons.

Culinary history of the Muiderslot

The Muiderslot has a tasty culinary history. This can be seen not only in the paintings in the castle, but also in the utensils in the castle kitchen and in the castle gardens. The gardens are full of (forgotten) vegetables, herbs, fruits and (edible) flowers. There are regular historical tastings led by the castle cook. In these, participants taste the past and hear more about the stories behind the flavors.

About the artist

Louise te Poele (b. 1984) is a visual artist living and working in the Netherlands and educated at Artez Hoge School voor de Kunsten in Arnhem. She works with the medium of photography and creates spatial sculptures. Her works have been exhibited worldwide in places such as Paris, New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Berlin and Istanbul. Louise te Poele’s work is part of the collections of Museum Arnhem, Museum Villa Mondriaan, the Dutch embassies in Japan and France and various private art collections.