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Tropical plants at Muiderslot

3 June 2023 - 3 September 2023


3 June - 3 September 2023
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Tropical plants in the Netherlands in the 17th century? Yes, really! When P.C. Hooft lived in the Muiderslot, there were already plants from places like Africa, America and Asia. But what kind of plants were they? And how did they get here? You can find out during the presentation ‘Tropical plants’ in the garden of Muiderslot castle.

You may not realize it, but plants are indispensable to humans. For the oxygen we breathe, of course, but also in our daily lives. For a cup of tea, in the construction of our house, or the flower we give someone. In the past, this was no different. Our history is inextricably linked to the greenery in our environment. Plants and the stories about them, offer us a glimpse into the past. Have you become curious? Come along and discover what other stories the tropical plants have to tell. There are also regular garden tours during which you can learn more about the tropical plants at Muiderslot.