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Practical information

  • Package 1: photographing in the castle and gardens (1.5 hours in total). Rate: €500. Book now
  • Package 2: photographing in the gardens only (1 hour in total). Rate: €350.
  • Maximum of 5 persons, including wedding couple and their photographer. Book now.
  • You’ll book a time slot for your arrival (for example between 10 and 11 am). This gives you a bit of leeway. After all, the day doesn’t always go exactly according to plan.
  • It is necessary to make a reservation, show the confirmation letter at the cash desk. If these things have not been done, unfortunately it will not be possible to grant bridal couples access to the premises.
  • You may cancel free of charge up to 8 days before the reserved date. After that, we will charge the full costs.
  • Unfortunately, there is no parking available on the Muiderslot grounds. Click here to see where you can park.
  • Send an email to info@muiderslot.nl for additional questions.


  • Wear comfortable shoes; the medieval castle grounds have a lot of stairs and uneven cobblestones.
  • Drones and dogs are not permitted.
  • The wedding car must stay outside the gates of the castle.
  • The photographer may only bring a handheld camera, not a tripod.
  • We don’t have a changing room available.
Book for a shoot in the castle and gardens Book for a shoot in the gardens