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Hooftpodium: Parso quartet

27 March 2022 van 13:00 - 15:00


27 March 2022
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We celebrate the beginning of spring with a festive and musical programme in which ‘new life’ and a new beginning in different cultures are the central themes. The Parso Quartet will perform on the oldest stage in the Netherlands: Muiderslot castle. They will complement classical music and modern jazz with the ancient sounds of the Persian instrument the dat and the Persian flute the ney. These instruments effortlessly bring bygone eras and distant empires nearer. They do this to celebrate Persian New Year: Nowruz (or Noroez).

The group puts on an inspiring performance, driven by the desire to connect their countries of origin not only with each other, but also with the country where they now all feel at home: The Netherlands. In an exceptionally fluid interplay, the Parso Quartet artists create a unique sound, fuelled by passion and melancholy, but which ultimately manages to lift the audience’s spirits.

Practical information

  • On 27 March, the concert is open to everyone with a valid entry ticket for Muiderslot castle.
  • The concert starts at 13:00 and at 14:00.