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Kids: St Martin’s Day

6 November 2022 van 14:00 - 15:30


6 November 2022
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Once a month, you can join a creative workshop at Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot. We find a suiting theme and create something beautiful!

In the weekend before St Martin’s Day, you can make your own lantern at Muiderslot castle. During this workshop, you will learn about the origins of the festival, who St. Martin actually was and you will explore the castle to find out everything that has to do with light. Afterwards, you get to work on your own creation. Of course you can take the lantern home!

Practical information

  • This workshop is 7,50 euros per child (entry ticket excluded).
  • This workshop is suitable for kids between 6-12 years old.
  • Language is Dutch
  • All materials are already in the castle. The museum teacher helps the kids.

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