Geeraerdt van Velsen

P.C. Hooft, Geeraerdt van Velsen,
1618, paper, 19 x 15 x 1 cm.
Collection Rijksmuseum Muiderslot, Muiden,

A brilliantly written play

In 1612, a new play went in premiere called ‘Geeraerdt van Velsen’, written by Muiderslot resident P.C. Hooft. In 1612, Hooft was already living in the castle for 3 years, so the surroundings must have inspired hem a lot!

The play is about Floris V, count of Holland and builder of the castle. Want to hear more about his story and the play of P.C. Hooft? Then a visit to Muiderslot is a true must!

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Geeraerdt van Velsen